cli sip client

simple (1 minute) way to install and make test sip from command line
how baresip works:
when you run: “baresip -f cofnig_dir” it will create dir config_dir with default files
then yo have to add accouns into config_dir/accounts, change everything you need into config_dir/config
then you may run again: “baresip -f cofnig_dir”
you will see console from basresip
then you have to use commands like “d” with means call to SIP uri
for example “d” and *43 will send call from your account to same domain with *43 (echo test for asterisk).

yum install baresip
cd /root
baresip -f baresip_config 
#press ESC
echo"<sip:900@asterisk_ip>;auth_pass=testpassword" >> baresip_config/accounts/accounts
change port in baresip_config/config from 5060 to 5099 for example
baresip -f baresip_config
#press "d"
type *43 or full sip uri "111@newhost"