Opensips-cli. Json. jq.

You know that opensips -x mi dlg_list will produce a lot of JSON output, what if i want to get only dialogs with state = 4 ?
There are beautiful tool like “jq” present in unix. (documentation)

For example output from command “opensips-cli -x mi profile_get_size profile=calls”:

    "Profile": {
        "name": "calls",
        "value": null,
        "count": 15,
        "shared": "no",
        "replicated": "no"

if i want to get only count number, i can use that:

opensips-cli -x mi profile_get_size profile=calls | jq '.Profile.count' 

And output will be


It may be usefull for example when you are using zabbix monitoring. Some useful commands:

//this will output count of dialogs in state of 4 (established)
opensips-cli -x mi dlg_list | jq '.Dialogs[] | select(.state == 4) | .state' | wc -l

//this will count show dialogs have "from = anyfrom@domain.com" and in starting state
opensips-cli -x mi dlg_list | jq '.Dialogs[] | select(.from_uri == "sip:anyfrom@domain.com") | select(.state < 4) | .state' | wc -l

//if you remove "| wc -l" you will see full JSON info about dialogs you requested
//so you can take info about dialogs you want with easy way.

For regexp and tring matches (like i want to see only linphones) you may use this construction:

opensips-cli -x mi ul_dump | jq ‘.Domains[].AORs[].Contacts[] | select(.”User-agent”|test(“Linphone”))’