Oracle Centos 8. Rtpengine with all codecs supported.

As result of this instruction you will have all this codecs supported in your centos 8 installations.

                PCMA: fully supported
                PCMU: fully supported
                G723: fully supported
                G722: fully supported
                G729: fully supported
               G729a: fully supported
               speex: fully supported
                 GSM: fully supported
                iLBC: fully supported
                opus: fully supported
                 AMR: fully supported
              AMR-WB: fully supported
     telephone-event: fully supported
                  CN: fully supported


RPMS, build and install scripts: git clone

This instruction will give you RTPENGINE for Centos 7 and Centos 8 withh all codecs. RPM packages in RPMS dir are ready for install. But also you have rpmbuild-rtpengine.el7 and rpmbuild-rtpengine.el8 to compile it on your system in automatically way.

if you start to compiling on new system, then everything should go fine after you type sh rpmbuild-rtpengine.el7.

IF you work on production system , then check files you are running before start due to you may to install unnecessary packets or kernels. 

To build rtpengine with all codecs (g729,AMR,opus,iLBC, GSM) on Centos 8:

cd ~
git clone
sh rpmbuild-rtpengine.el8
cd ~/rpmbuild/RPMS/
dnf install noarch/ngcp-rtpengine-dkms- x86_64/ngcp-rtpengine-kernel- x86_64/ngcp-rtpengine-

Your RPMs ready for install in ~/root/rpmbuild/RPMS

To install rtpengine without build 10.5 run “sh install-rtpengine.el7”

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