freepbx 15 automatic sync for high availability. part 1.

Part 1
main aim is using internal features of freepbx to make sync between two PBXs. Automatic sync will be made by back&restore feature in FREEPBX.

STEP: 1. add asterisk public key from master FREEPBX to backup server. master public key for asterisk user you can find in menu “Backup&Restore -> Global Setting”

Master asterisk public key

Copy this key to /home/asterisk/.ssh/authorized_keys at Backup machine.

STEP: 2. Add new filestore with SSH connect to backup server

Create filestore with ssh access to backup server

STEP: 3. example of ssh parameters for ssh connect

STEP 4: create new backup in menu “Backup&Restore”. use any modules you need and set crontime you wish. for example i will be use one time per day. Better you set “Delete After Runs” 1 so only 1 file will be in backup server.

Now run it and check if new file with backup created in /home/asterisk dir at backup server.

STEP5: add cronjob at backup: something like that: crontab -u asterisk -e
0 1 * * * fwconsole backup –restore /home/asterisk/*.tar.gz

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